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Your employees are the most valuable resource in your company. Attract and retain good employees with the best benefits. Take care of it with the local expertise and know-how of Staffing People in each of our PEO / EOR supported countries, México, Chile, Colombia & Brazil. We manage and provide legal, labor, and tax security to your employees throughout their employment cycle, from recruitment and hiring to settlement and retirement.

The service includes: the recruitment, selection, hiring, benefits & payroll administration, and management of your personnel in México and Latam.

beneficios de tu empresa


Reduce time and administrative costs that help the development of your company.

beneficios de tu empresa


Focus your time and resources on activities that generate income and more excellent added value.
beneficios de tu empresa


Gain a competitive advantage while simultaneously scale to global reach.

Hiring Mexican talent will help you reduce your overall HR costs in your company

Focus on generating profits.

reduccion de costos legales a mi empresa
Reduction of legal costs like attention to lawsuits
evaluaciones para tus empleados
Gains in your company's productivity
reduccion de costos para mi empresa
Reduction of
operating costs
seguridad para tus empleados
Compliance with the employer and fiscal responsibilities
100% tax-deductible service
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